Volkman Avian Science Super Lovebird/Conure 20 lb.

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Small Hookbill mix, suitable for Lovebirds, Conures and small Hookbills.

White Proso MIllet, Safflower Seed, Canary Grass Seed, Oat Groats, Buckwheat, Red Proso Millet, Shelled Peanuts, Hulled Pumpkin, Cracked Corn, Wheat, Sunflower Chips, Hemp Seed, Colored Oat Groats, Barley, Flax Seed, Small Black Oil Sunflower, Green Pepper Dices, Carrot Dices, Dehydrated Green Peas, Rainbow Papaya, Shredded Coconut, Safflower Oil, Spinach Flakes and Orange Oil.

Crude Protein, not less than 14.30%. Crude Fat, not less than 16.55%. Crude Fiber, not more than 9.80%. Moisture, not more than 15.0%. Ash, not more than 3.40%

WARNING: Not For Human Consumption

Extra Information:
For small birds, feed 1 tablespoon daily. For medium birds feed 2 to 4 tablespoons daily. For small parrots feed 1/8 cup to 1/4 cup daily. For large parrots feed 1/4 to 1/2 cup daily.

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