Manna Pro Chick Stick™ Treat for Chicks 15oz

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Featured Specifications
• A fun and nutritious treat
• Helps keep your chicks busy
• Hangs from above to minimize waste

Manufacturer Description
One of the most fun times to interact with your flock is when they are baby chicks! Including a Chick Stick™ hanging treat in your brooder is a great way to provide them with nutritious entertainment!
Whether you are tending to a backyard flock or breeding champion show birds, nutrition plays a vital role in your success. Manna Pro® understands the nutritional requirements of all classes of poultry, and is dedicated to helping you succeed. All Manna Pro products are made with the highest quality ingredients, and with great care throughout the manufacturing process, to ensure that your flock meets its full potential.

Extra Information:
About Manna Pro:
“Manna Pro Products, LLC , formed in 1985, has deep roots and connections to some of the feed industries pioneers who paved the way for excellence in animal nutrition. We are the successor to Carnation Company Milling Division, with a 161 year history of manufacturing and marketing diversified animal feed. E.A. Stuart founded the Carnation Company when he purchased the Pacific Coast Condensed Milk Company in 1899. Our antecedents include Albers Brothers Milling Co. and John W. Eshelman & Sons, the oldest established animal feed business in the U.S. (1842).
Today, Manna Pro has developed into a multi-faceted, progressive company that stands as a leader in the fields of animal health and nutrition. From our flagship brand, Calf-Manna®, to the most popular horse treats on the market, Manna Pro products continue to be staples in barns everywhere.

Manna Pro knows you are committed to a more sustainable lifestyle, and so are we.  As a company, we are always looking for new and better ways to make our products and get them to you with the smallest impact possible on our environment.

One of the areas we are focused on is packaging, on developing better ways to package our products and on helping you find ways to recycle your packaging once you've finished the product. With the help of our customers, we've developed a list of the Top 10 Ideas for Recycling (and Upcycling) Feed Packaging, and we hope you'll find it helpful in your barn or on your homestead.”

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