Encap® Wildflower Shady Mix 200 sq ft

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Featured Specifications
• All-in-one formula – mulch, seed & fertilizer
• Perfect blend of annuals & perennials
• Colorful, long lasting blooms
• Advanced Soil Technology™ improves seed establishment & germination
• Just sprinkle & grow
• SWT™ Seed Watering Technology
• AST® Advanced Soil Technology

Maximize Results
• Rake area to remove thatch, dead grass and debris before applying
• Uniformly apply mixture directly to soil
• Do not apply herbicides 3 weeks before or after planting
• If planting in Spring, apply when there is no danger of frost and soil continuously maintains a temperature above 60° F (15.5° C)
• If planting in Fall, apply after the first hard frost and daytime high air temperatures stay below 55 degrees F.

Watering Tips
Watering helps germinate seeds and accelerate the growing process. Encap makes watering easy, so you can enjoy more flowers, sooner!
• Water seeds with a sprinkler to assure even watering
• When area has been watered enough, SWT® sparkles will appear
• When SWT sparkles disappear, it is time to water again
• Additional watering may be required for summer planting

Extra Information:
Bloom Times & Heights
Common Name: Height (in), Germination Time, Bloom Time
Annual Baby’s Breath: 8 – 18in, 10-20 days, 5 – 7 weeks
Chinese Forget-Me-Not: 18 – 24in, 7-14 days, 8 – 10 weeks
Sweet William Pinks: 12 – 24in, 20-30 days, Summer
Annual Candytuft: 12 – 18in, 7-14 days, 7 – 9 weeks
Purple Coneflower: 24 – 36in, 15-30 days, Summer
Lance Leaved Coreopsis: 18 – 36in, 14-30 days, Summer – Fall
Baby Blue-Eyes: 4 – 12in, 7-21 days, 8-9 weeks
Clarkia: 18 – 30in, 15-30 days, 7 – 8 weeks
Shasta Daisy: 18 – 30in, 10-30 days, Summer
Corn Poppy: 12 – 30in, 15-30 days, 9 – 10 weeks
Sweet Alyssum (Tall White): 8 – 16in, 7-21 days, Spring – Fall
Johnny Jump-Up: 6 – 12in, 14-21 days, Spring – Fall
Forget-Me-Not: 10 – 18in, 10-20 days, Spring – Summer

USDA Hardiness Zones 4-9
Varieties may vary due to supply

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