BioAdvanced Slow Mow Lawn Conditioner 10.4 lb

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Featured Specifications
Exclusive 2-way Action
Reduces mowing by up to half
Improves turf durability and density
Allows for longer intervals between mowing
Reduce air pollution by mowing less
Proven to reduce grass clippings up to 50%
Treats 2,600 sq. ft. per bag
For use on: Kentucky Bluegrass, Kentucky-31, Centipedegrass, Bentgrass, Bermudagrass, Fescues, Bluegrass/Fescue/Ryegrass Mixtures
Do not apply to: St. Augustinegrass, Bahiagrass and Zoysiagrass

Manufacturer Description
BioAdvanced® Slow Mow Lawn Conditioner has exclusive 2-way action that reduces mowing by up to half while improving turf durability and density. When applied according to label instructions, it allows for longer intervals between mowing, cutting pollutants and saving you time. Better yet, it still leaves you with a fantastic looking lawn you can be proud of.

BioAdvanced® Slow Mow Lawn Conditioner has additional benefits. It is proven to reduce grass clippings up to 50%, easing pressure on landfills.

It can also cut lawn fertilizer needs by 30% and frequently reduces watering requirements, conserving valuable resources.

Slow Mow Lawn Conditioner can be used on Kentucky Bluegrass, Kentucky-31, Centipedegrass, Bentgrass, Bermudagrass and Fescue lawns. It can also be used on Bluegrass/Fescue/Ryegrass mixtures. Do not apply to St. Augustinegrass, Bahiagrass or Zoysiagrass lawns.

Extra Information:
For best results, Slow Mow Lawn Conditioner should be applied once every 4 weeks during the growing season. Check the label for proper timing and application rates for various regions and turf types. Growth control begins 3-5 days after the first application. You can then start stretching the intervals between mowings. Youll also notice that youll be able to mow the lawn easier and faster.

Slow Mow Lawn Conditioner is a granular product, applied using a rotary or drop type spreader. Check label for application settings. Available in a 10.4 lb. bag, which treats 2,600 sq. ft. of lawn.

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