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4 inch Pansies – Live Plants

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These beautiful annuals are a familiar member of many, many flower gardens. The richly colored blooms are relatively large by comparison to the foliage, and it really makes them stand out. The 2-3 inch blooms have two slightly overlapping upper petals, two side petals and a single bottom petal with a slight beard in the flower’s center.

At our in-store nurseries, we carry pansies, in season, in a variety of colors for you to plant. Visit our Store Locator page to see which of our stores feature a Nursery department.

We take pride in being your source for dozens of the most popular, sought-after varieties for southern Oregon and California gardens. Our nursery staff is there to answer questions about how and when to plant, ensuring the best chance for success. We’ll show you which fertilizers and soil amendments to use, and explain pest and weed control options to help you decide what’s right for your home. We offer both organic and conventional solutions for your fertilizer and pest/weed control needs.

Need watering equipment, lawn & garden tools, or other supplies? Grange Co-op has it all, and we can help you reach your "growing" goals whether you’re a lifetime gardener or planting your first tomato.

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