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Teknor-Apex Soaker Hose Black Vinyl 50ft


Teknor-Apex Soaker Hose Black Vinyl 50ft

$16.99 SKU: 172729

Featured Specifications
  Clog Resistant Even Under Mulch Or Soil
  Consistent Soaking Action In Uneven And Uphill Flower Beds
  Easy To Set Flow Rate
  No Additional Stakes Or Connectors Needed

Manufacturer Description
Soaker is for deep, even soaking through non-clogging weeping pores and is placed around flowerbeds and under mulch. Better handling, easier placement, and more consistent watering than any soaker currently on the market.

Soaker Hose 1/2" x 50'


Soaker Hose 1/2" x 50'

$14.99 SKU: 1759245

Featured Specifications
1/2"" diameter
Made from recycled rubber
Targets water directly to the roots

Soaker hoses are great for distributing water evenly and reducing water waste. Perfect for gardens, around shrubs, and walkways.

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