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AniMed™ Diatomaceous Earth 10 lb bag


AniMed™ Diatomaceous Earth 10 lb bag

$26.99 SKU: 1577745

Featured Specifications
• Natural and pure
• Special purpose feed additive for further manufacture of feed
• Not to exceed 2% of total feed ration
• Natural fly repellent
• Absorbs moisture and odor

Animed™ - It’s all about the animals.™

Perma-Guard® Diatomaceous Earth 50 lb


Perma-Guard® Diatomaceous Earth 50 lb

$34.99 SKU: 1376260

Featured Specifications
• All natural organic ingredients
• Fossil Shell Flour®
• Anti-caking agent
• Food chemical codex grade
• Product of USA
• OMRI listed

Featured Specifications
A natural product composed of ground Diatomaceous Earth, Amorphous Silica (Freshwater Type)

Mixing Rate
As an anti-caking agent to be mixed in animal feeds in an amount not to exceed 2% by weight of total ration.

Lumino® Diatomaceous Earth® for pets  1.5lb.


Lumino® Diatomaceous Earth® for pets  1.5lb.

$17.99 SKU: 1430775

Featured Specifications
• Food Grade
• Radiant Beauty
• Increased Energy
• Healthy Rejuvenation

Manufactuer Description  
Diatomaceous Earth packaged under the Lumino label comes from an extremely pure fresh water deposit.  It is almost pure white and consists of at least 85% Silicon Dioxide.  Darker colored Diatomaceous Earth often contains an excess of other minerals such as iron, or a high percentage of clay.

What has caused this recent interest in a mineral produced millions of years ago?  Why is it suddenly being talked, written, and blogged about?

As someone who has used and ingested DE every day for over six years, I am still amazed at the many uses for this product.  It is a marvelous alternative to many toxic chemicals as well as a natural beauty aid for both people and their pets.

Manna Pro® Pure Defense® Diatomaceous Earth 4 lb

$9.99 $9.99

Manna Pro® Pure Defense® Diatomaceous Earth 4 lb

$9.99 SKU: 1515190

Featured Specifications
• All natural
• Use indoors or outdoors
• Great for barns or pens
• Insects die within 48 hours, can’t become immune
• Kills fleas, cockroaches, ants, other crawling insects

Featured Specifications
Manna Pro(R) Pure DEfense Diatomaceous Earth All natural powder form of pest control for use indoors and outdoors. Pure DEfense kills insects that come in contact with or ingest it within 48 hours. Insects cannot become immune to it. It kills cockroaches, ants, earwigs, fleas, silverfish, beetles and other crawling insects. It provides multi-species protection from pests.

Manna Pro® - nurturing life.

Bonide Diatomaceous Earth 5 lb.


Bonide Diatomaceous Earth 5 lb.

$13.99 SKU: 190784

Featured Specifications
• All natural
• Earthworm safe
• Insect can not become immune

Manufacturer’s Description
Diatomaceous Earth. 85% full strength DE for indoor/outdoor insect control in homes, barns, stables, vegetable and flower gardens. DE’s mechanical mode of action works by contact and by ingestion. Insects cannot become immune to its action. Bedbugs, asian lady beetles, box elder bugs, mites, ants, flies, fleas, spiders, other beetles and crawling insects all succumb within 24-48 hours of contact. Apply as a dust or a slurry. All Natural and earthworm safe.

Diatomaceous Earth Crawling Insect Control 4 lb


Diatomaceous Earth Crawling Insect Control 4 lb

$10.99 SKU: 124020

NOTE: Image for illustration only. Brand and appearance of product may vary. Quality and features will remain the same.

Featured Specifications
• Effective crawling insect control
• Long lasting when kept dry
• Controls cockroaches, ants, earwigs, crickets, millipedes, centipedes, silverfish, fleas, carpet beetles, bedbugs, grasshoppers, slugs and other crawling insects
• For outdoor and indoor household use

A natural contact insecticide that works by causing abrasions on insects as they come in contact with product, resulting in loss of body fluids, then dehydration. Digestible by Earthworms, thus causing them no harm. Very effective in controlling Snails and Slugs in bedding plant areas and around houses.

Use hand duster or bulbous duster to apply light coating of dust to areas where crawling pests are found or may hide.  

Always read and follow label directions.

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Stall DRY® 40 lb


Stall DRY® 40 lb

$14.99 SKU: 44SD

Featured Specifications
• Ammonia control & deodorization
• Safe to use with all animals
• Reduces ammonia levels
• Eliminates odors
• Absorbs moisture
• Non-toxic, non-caustic
• Reduces bedding costs
• Saves labor
• Use in stalls, barns, cages, pens and trailers

Manufacturer Description
Stall DRY® provides AMMONIA CONTROL and DEODORIZATION and is safe to use with all animals. Stall DRY® reduces ammonia levels, eliminates odors and provides moisture absorption. Reduce harmful ammonia levels and absorb moisture and odors in: livestock facilities, poultry houses, equestrian centers, dog kennels, calving and foaling stalls and pens, barns, trailers and other animal cages.

Our mission: To provide you with the very finest, environmentally friendly products that will save you bedding, time and money, all while creating a healthier habitat for you and your animals. How many products do you know that can do all that?

Lumino Poultry Dusting Bath Powder 6 lb


Lumino Poultry Dusting Bath Powder 6 lb

$24.99 SKU: 1485735

Featured Specifications
• All Natural
• Use Daily
• Better feathering and egg production

Manufacturer Description
Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring fine powder composed of the fossilized remains of microscopic diatoms. Dries out cage floor waste and lessens odor. Daily use in feed provides your birds with valuable trace minerals that results in better feathering and egg production. Add one pound or 6 cups of diatomaceous earth to 50 pounds of feed or seed. Externally, sprinkle it or use a flour sifter to spread it around the bottom of the aviary, cage, or coop.   Add to nest boxes. Can also be lightly dusted beneath wings and around feathers and vents.   Use in dust baths. Use as a white wash for roosts.   Mix one cup DE to 1/2 gallon of water.   Stir frequently.

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Opus Grows Mix No. 1 Bulk Soil. Just $136.00 per cubic yard, delivered!*


Opus Grows Mix No. 1 Bulk Soil. Just $136.00 per cubic yard, delivered!*

$6,119.99 SKU: OPUSMIX1

*45 cubic yards minimum order. See note below for delivery and ordering information.

NOTE: This product must be ordered in-store. Price shown includes delivery within 20-mile radius of Oregon retail stores. Deliveries outside 20-mile radius require 1-2 days to obtain quote. Not available for delivery to California.

Featured Specifications
• All purpose
• Natural and organic
• MYCORRHIAZAE: A biological inoculant that acts as a conduit for nutrients and minerals transferred from the soil straight to your plants.
• ORGANIC COMPOST: Made in Oregon – it’s local, consistent, and one of the cleanest composts in the U.S.  
• BIO-TOPE®: This cultured compost with biochar and organic amendments creates a growing environment that supports high microbial activity for exceptional plant development.  
• Bio-Tope speeds up the nutrient exchange, allowing the microbial populations wake up and re-populate the tired soil.  
• BIOCHAR: Third party tests have found that compost activated with biochar has significantly improved microbial activity relative to compost without biochar. The active soil biology converts organic matter into nutrients needed for root development, plant growth, blooming and fruiting.

Manufacturer Description  
The all natural and organic line of Opus Grows growing mixes contain key ingredients for enhanced soil performance and high plant yield.

Opus Grows Mix #1 All Purposeful - Coconut coir fiber, sphagnum peat moss, pumice, perlite, organic compost, aged bark fines, worm castings, wood biochar, diatomaceous earth, natural limestone (for pH adjustment), fish bone meal, bat guano, feather meal, blood meal, alfalfa meal, shrimp meal, humic acid, basalt rock dust, kelp meal and mycorrhizae  (Glomus Intraradices).

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