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Hot Max Size 2 (2-W-1) Victor® Style Welding Nozzle


Hot Max Size 2 (2-W-1) Victor® Style Welding Nozzle

$22.99 SKU: 1530875

A medium duty size 2 (2-w-1) Victor® style welding nozzle for oxy-acetylene torches.

Hot Max 1/8” E6011 Arc Welding Electrodes 50 lbs.


Hot Max 1/8” E6011 Arc Welding Electrodes 50 lbs.

$79.99 SKU: 1530885

Manufacturer’s Description
All purpose, all position rod for mild steel. Great on rusty or dirty metal or poor fit ups. Designed for repair and maintenance work.
60,000 PSI tensile strength.
Recommended Machine Polarity: AC or DCEP (DC+)
Diameter: 1/8”
Weight: 50#
Amperage: 75-130

Hot Max 135 Amp MIG Welder


Hot Max 135 Amp MIG Welder

$499.99 SKU: 1531035

Features and Specifications
• Infinite Output Voltage Controls which can be adjusted as you weld.
• Infinite Wire Speed Control
• Factory pre-wired and ready for optional Spool Gun (Model #SPG).
• Easy polarity change for switching between shielding gas and flux core wire.
• Drive roller fits .023” to .035” wire. Larger drive wheel available.
• Input Current/Voltage: 20 Amps at 120 Volts, Single Phase
• Output: 25-135 Amps DC
• Minimum Duty Cycle: 20%
• Welds up to 5/16” with Flux Core Wire

Welder Includes:
• Ground Clamp with 9’ Cable
• MIG Gun with 10’ Hose
• CO2/Argon Regulator with 5’ Hose
• 2# Spool of .030” Flux Core Wire
• Gas Nozzle for MIG Welding
• Hex Wrench for wire feed roller
• .025”, .030”, and .035” Contact Tips
• 10# Wire Spool Adapter
• Shielding gas is NOT included.

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