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Bosch® Nelson Traveling Sprinkler

$74.99 $92.99

Bosch® Nelson Traveling Sprinkler

$74.99 SKU: 140590

Featured Specifications
•  Adjustable spray arm
•  Automatic shut-off valve
•  Rust-resistant cast iron body
•  Durable brass hose connection
•  Patented rear wheel cleats
•  Ramp trips lever to shut off water
•  Low-speed transmission

Manufacturer Description
This traveling sprinkler provides 13,500 sq. ft. of coverage and features an adjustable spray arm, automatic shut-off valve, rust-resistant cast iron body, durable brass hose connection and patented rear wheel cleats. Included ramp trips lever to shut off water and can be placed anywhere on the hose. Low-speed transmission.

raindrip® Set n' Flow Battery Operated Timer

$39.99 $39.99

raindrip® Set n' Flow Battery Operated Timer

$39.99 SKU: 171161

Featured Specifications
• Includes universal poly tubing adaptor
• Works with all drip systems
• Model No. R675CT

Just set it & relax. Temporarily override normal programming with timed rain delay, pause automatic watering for up to 72 hours, or timed manual watering. Easy to program. Water tight. Uv resistant. Attaches to any outdoor faucet. 24 start times per day. Minimum 15 psi required. Requires 2 aa alkaline batteries not included. For 3/4" faucet/hose spigot hook up, inlet 3/4" female hose thread swivel, outlet: 3/4" male hose thread.

Teknor-Apex Soaker Hose Black Vinyl 50ft


Teknor-Apex Soaker Hose Black Vinyl 50ft

$16.99 SKU: 172729

Featured Specifications
•  Clog Resistant Even Under Mulch Or Soil
•  Consistent Soaking Action In Uneven And Uphill Flower Beds
•  Easy To Set Flow Rate
•  No Additional Stakes Or Connectors Needed

Manufacturer Description
Soaker is for deep, even soaking through non-clogging weeping pores and is placed around flowerbeds and under mulch. Better handling, easier placement, and more consistent watering than any soaker currently on the market.

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