J & M Home Fashions Kids Assorted Rug Educational


J & M Home Fashions Kids Assorted Rug Educational

$34.99 SKU: 1685965

Featured Specifications
• Size: 40" by 60"
• Assorted styles
• 100% nylon with latex backing

Easy to Care For - Spot clean or machine wash with mild detergent and cold water. Highly durable, built for heavy traffic and lots of fun.

The Smallest Horse


The Smallest Horse

$14.95 SKU: 1759945

A Children's Picture Book About Discovering Your Own Special Talents

2018 Silver Medal Winner, Independent Publisher Book Awards

The Smallest Horse tells the story of Trixie, a miniature horse who worries she's not big enough to have an important job on the ranch. Children will delight in this heartwarming tale as they follow Trixie's misadventures and ultimate realization that she does indeed have a very special purpose on the ranch.

This is the first book in the Pony Dreams series. All of the horses in the Pony Dreams stories are real, and each one has a distinct personality, a unique life experience and different likes and dislikes. After children read the story, they can visit the Pony Dreams website to meet Trixie and the rest of the herd through a series of fun and educational videos and posts about the horses and the topics broached in each book.

About the Author:
Hi. I'm Lorie. I live in Southern Oregon with my horse, Indie. My deepest and most abiding desire as a child was for a pony of my own. I could not have one, so instead I lost myself in books about horses. I read absolutely everything I came across that had a horse on the cover and the longing never went away. Today, my life is graced by the presence of my lovely mare, Indie, and all of the horses in her herd. Pony Dreams grew out of my need to share the very real magic of these horses with children who find themselves daydreaming about a pony or horse of their own.

This would all still be an idea in my head if I had not crossed paths with the incredibly smart and talented Amanda Holbo, who agreed that sharing the love of ponies was a very good thing. In addition to her artistry with a paintbrush, she is a skilled and knowledgeable horsewoman who teaches me something new just about every day.

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