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Tow Broadcast Spreader 75lb

$74.99 $89.99

Tow Broadcast Spreader 75lb

$74.99 SKU: 121294

200 LB Capacity, Tow Broadcast Spreader, Single Pack, 1-1/4" Powder Coated Steel Tube, Heavy Duty Plastic Body Design, 15" Treaded Turf Tires, Yellow Dichromate Finished Hardware, 10' To 12' Swath, Durable Metal Gears With Grease Fitting, Wire Mesh Filter, Adjustable Spread Pattern.

Topdressing Roller / Mulch Spreader

$174.99 $174.99

Topdressing Roller / Mulch Spreader

$174.99 SKU: 165730

Note: Due to packaging size, this item ships with a DIM (dimensional) Weight of 105 lbs and does not qualify for free shipping promotions.

Whether you call it a peat moss spreader, peat roller, mulch spreader, mulch roller, compost spreader, compost roller, lawn roller, topdressing roller, topdressing spreader, squirrel cage or something else, this Topdressing Roller / Mulch Spreader is just the tool you need!

NOTE: This item is designed for outdoor use. Although these items are new, the paint may have cosmetic blemishes. This will not affect the usage of this item.

Featured Specifications
• Barrel size: 24-1/2 in wide
• Latch kit. Sliding door for easy loading
• 18 in diameter
• Breaks up clumpy materials as it tumbles
• Capacity: 4.7 cubic feet of interior space
• Body: Made from steel with a green powder coat finish

Manufacturer Description
A two pronged handle for easy control. A long neck for better back support. The compost goes into the barrel, you push the barrel around your yard and the perforations allow the compost to scatter little by little. The Compost Spreader is a great little product. It's super easy to use, and since it's made of steel, it's also long-lasting.

Tri-Poxy Premier Sprayer 2 gallon

$66.28 $66.28

Tri-Poxy Premier Sprayer 2 gallon

$66.28 SKU: 832835

Premier tri-poxy steel sprayer, Easy filling and cleaning, 4-position nozzle, Viton seals and gaskets, 2-gallon steel tank.

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