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Zoo Med® Aspen Snake Bedding 8 qt.


Zoo Med® Aspen Snake Bedding 8 qt.

$7.49 SKU: 1345955

Featured Specifications
• It Has A 191% Absorbency Rating And Is Odorless-Safe For All Snakes
• No Toxic Oils Like Cedar And Other Similar Wood Shavings
• Can Also Be Used For Birds, Lizards, Tortoises, Turtles, Tarantulas, And Insects
• Green product made from a renewable resource.
• Easy to clean.
• 99.9% dust free.

Manufacturer Description  
#1 Preferred snake bedding by professional herpetoculturists worldwide! Provides a safe, naturalistic substrate that allows snakes, lizards, and small animals to form burrows and nests as they would in the wild.

Zilla® Humidity and Temperature Gauge


Zilla® Humidity and Temperature Gauge

$19.99 SKU: 1398940

Featured Specifications
• Time-tested analog design needs no batteries
• Temperature readings from 60° to 120° F
• Two easy mounting options

Manufacturer Description  
Affordable, accurate monitoring for a healthier reptile environment
An ideal choice for entry-level terrarium owners who want to monitor humidity and temperature, the two critical factors in reptile activity, disease resistance and breeding success. Traditional needle gauges display relative humidity from 0-100%, temperatures in a range from 60°-120°F (16°-49°C). The bright, easy-to-read dial mounts in seconds on the back wall of any terrarium, using the enclosed permanent double-sided tape or an included suction cup that can be removed for easy tank cleaning.

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