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raindrip® Automatic Plant Watering Kit

$29.99 $41.99

raindrip® Automatic Plant Watering Kit

$29.99 SKU: 180938

Featured Specification
•  Contains everything you need to get started with drip irrigation and stop watering your plants by hand
•  Three simple steps to install this kit
•  Comprehensive kit included
•  The timer and supply tubing are threaded just like a hose, making it easy to hook up and start using your system
•  It is so easy that if you can attach a garden hose, you can install this system

Automatic watering kit, perfect for containers & hanging baskets, 20-minute installation, no tools required, amazing results in 3 easy steps, water up to 20 containers or baskets with one system, contains 1 universal faucet timer (requires 2aa alkaline batteries not included), 2 barbed connectors, 2 elbows, 20 tees, 1 end clamp, 1 supply tubing, 10 nails and clamps, 20 1/2gph drippers, and 20 stakes for drippers.

raindrip® Set n' Flow Battery Operated Timer


raindrip® Set n' Flow Battery Operated Timer

$36.99 SKU: 171161

Featured Specification
• Includes universal poly tubing adaptor
• Works with all drip systems
• Model No. R675CT

Just set it & relax. Temporarily override normal programming with timed rain delay, pause automatic watering for up to 72 hours, or timed manual watering. Easy to program. Water tight. Uv resistant. Attaches to any outdoor faucet. 24 start times per day. Minimum 15 psi required. Requires 2 aa alkaline batteries not included. For 3/4" faucet/hose spigot hook up, inlet 3/4" female hose thread swivel, outlet: 3/4" male hose thread.

raindrip® Drip Hole Plug 15 pk.

$1.12 $1.99

raindrip® Drip Hole Plug 15 pk.

$1.12 SKU: 527960

Featured Specification
• 15 pack
• Seal 1/2 inches hose
• 1/4 inches fittings are removed or relocated

15 pack, hole plugs used to seal 1/2 inches hose when on-line drippers or 1/4 inches fittings are removed or relocated.

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