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Gardman R669 Split Bamboo Fence 13' x 6.5'


Gardman R669 Split Bamboo Fence 13' x 6.5'

$59.99 SKU: 107319

Featured Specifications
•  Provides soft shade under arbors or pergolas
•  Use for fencing or screening
•  Natural look blends with any setting
•  Banded with galvanized wire for durability
•  13' Long x 6' 6" High

Manufacturer Description
This 100% natural split bamboo fencing makes an ideal cover for unsightly areas or to enhance gardens, yards, and decks. Its natural look will blend with any setting. Use as boundary fencing or as screening to create areas within gardens. Use over arbors and pergolas to softly filter sunlight creating a shaded area underneath. Ideal for Japanese gardens. Durable and easy to install; simply attach to fence uprights with ties or staples. Banded with galvanized wire for durability. Dimensions: 13' Long x 6' 6" High. Gardman "Bring your garden to life"

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USA Metal Corrugated Outdoor Wall Sign


USA Metal Corrugated Outdoor Wall Sign

$34.99 SKU: 1621825

Featured Specifications
• Corrugated Metal Wall Décor
• Patriotic Vintage
• Outdoor Signage

Add a touch of old-fashioned patriotism with this set of 2 outdoor wall signs patterned to look like wood planks. The vertical sign has a row of golden country stars, faded red, white and blue stripes and the words in block text, Made in USA.

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