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Easter Morning Applique Flag Regular Size

$5.00 $24.99

Easter Morning Applique Flag Regular Size

$5.00 SKU: 1499120

This richly-colored applique flag features a royal purple cross blooming with beautiful Easter lilies. The design is visible on both sides of this 28” x 44” flag. It’s made of soft, weather-resistant nylon and features fade-resistant colors so it can be enjoyed it year after year. Great for yourself or as a gift! Flagpole not included.

Regal® Blue Fairy Bell


Regal® Blue Fairy Bell

$19.99 SKU: 1696505

Featured Specifications
• Coated for weather resistance
• Made out of glass
• Accented with metal

This colorful hanging decoration adds character and creativity to any outdoor setting. When the wind blows, this ornament comes alive with the brilliant sound of the bell jingling. Measures 23” in height.

Talavera Colorful Wall Décor

Talavera Colorful Wall Décor

SKU: 1778220

Feature Specifications
• Large: Length 16 in x Width 18 ½ in
• Small: Length 11 ½ in x width 6 in
• Material: ceramic
• Painted in Mexico
• Multiple designs to choose from
• Styles: frogs, salamander large and small

Each animal is a unique piece of art that was hand painted in Mexico. These pieces are created to hang from the wall or used as a garden ornament. Hand wash recommended.  

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