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Chicks typically arrive in late February and late August. Contact your nearest location for latest info.

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Rogue Nature's Harmony Organic Chick Starter 21% 40 lb Feed


Rogue Nature's Harmony Organic Chick Starter 21% 40 lb Feed

$24.99 SKU: 40OCS

Rogue Nature's Harmony Organic Chick Starter Feed is a certified organic feed for layer chicks from hatch until they are 9 weeks of age. Mfg. as a crumble. An ideal organic chicken feed.

Features 21% protein. Ensures growth needs will be met…Provides proper levels of protein for growth and development.

Complete and Balanced. Feed with Confidence…Supplies proper amounts of vitamins minerals and other nutrients chicks need.

Crumbles form prevents feed wastage…Easy for chicks to consume so less feed is lost as waste.

How to Feed...
Feed free choice from hatch through 9 weeks of age. Feed to turkeys from 9 weeks of age through 14 weeks.

Tips for Success...
Provide clean, fresh water at all times
Keep feeders clean and free of old or moldy feed.
Provide a clean-safe environment.
The use of insoluble chick grit may be beneficial.
Treat promptly for worms and parasites.
Observe daily for unusual signs or sickness.  

Produced without GMOs.

Galvanized Poultry Hanging Feeder 12"


Galvanized Poultry Hanging Feeder 12"

$18.99 SKU: 202945

Featured Specifications
• Saves floor space
• Reduces feed waste by eliminating scratching
• Cuts down on debris in the feed
• Hanging handle included
• Holds approximately 12 pounds of feed

Manufacturer Description
Hanging feeders save floor space, reduce waste by eliminating scratching, and cut down on debris in the feed. Constructed of heavy-gauge galvanized steel for many years of service, with rolled edges for safety. Hanging handle included. 12 inch diameter by 10.125 inch high. Holds approximately 12 pounds of feed.

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Standlee Flock Fresh Bedding 2 cubic feet

$11.99 $16.99

Standlee Flock Fresh Bedding 2 cubic feet

$11.99 SKU: 216765

Featured Specifications
Recommended for:
• Non-equine bedding
• Chickens
• Ducks
• Game birds
• Pigs
• Other small animals

Manufacturer Description
Standlee Premium Western Forage® Flock Fresh™ is an all-natural bedding mixture. Scientifically formulated, Flock Fresh™ reduces ammonia odors, promotes digestive health and creates a comfortable, dry and a nearly odor-free roosting area.

Flock Fresh™ is made with Premium Chopped Straw, Premium Chopped Alfalfa and Zeolite granules. The mix is composed primarily of Chopped Straw and enhanced with Zeolite granules. Alfalfa is added to encourage your flock to peck through and continually turn the bedding. This activity and comfort promotes a happy and healthy coop environment. Flock Fresh™ is recommended for chickens, ducks, game birds, pigs & other small animals.

Additionally, used Flock Fresh™ is ideal for composting. Get amazing results in your flower beds and gardens without the use of chemicals.

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