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World’s Best Cat Litter 391035 Multiple Cat Clumping Litter Formula, 28lb


World’s Best Cat Litter 391035 Multiple Cat Clumping Litter Formula, 28lb

$34.99 SKU: 1442065

Featured Specifications
• Outstanding odor control
• Quick clumping
• 99% dust free
• Easy scooping
• Pet & people friendly
• Planet friendly – made from whole kernel corn

Manufacturer Description
Ultimately, the best cat litters for your home are the litters your cats use! With an added all-natural plant derivative for enhanced odor control, this scoopable clumping cat litter is ideal for homes with two or more cats. It is lightweight, soft in texture and has clumping-on-contact abilities.

Hooded Corner Cat Litter Box


Hooded Corner Cat Litter Box

$41.99 SKU: 1459410

The NATURE’S MIRACLE™ Advanced Hooded Corner Litter Box offers a clean and healthy litter box environment that is ideal for your multi-cat household. Any tough or lingering litter box odors are absorbed by the included charcoal filter that works effectively for up to three months. This space-saving corner design offers more usable space for your multi-cat household and is enclosed to control litter scatter and leaks from spraying. Cleaning your advanced hooded corner litter box is made stress-free with our easy-to-use snap latches (for easy hood removal) and our non-stick surface that eliminates litter caking and odor buildup.

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Petmate® Basic Litter Pan Large Assorted Color


Petmate® Basic Litter Pan Large Assorted Color

$6.99 SKU: 207515

Featured Specification
• Made in the USA
• Easy lifting
• 18.55" X 15.35" X 5"

Petmate Basic Litter Pan includes a design-break pattern that improves structural stability for added strength and durability. Updated design also includes an increased handle area for easy lifting.

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