Jobsite product line includes boot scrubbers, waterproofing and polishes, and much more. JobSite is your best choice (and your trusted choice) to protect all kinds of footwear on the farm, factory, home, work, cottage and job site.
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JOBSITE® Beeswax Waterproof Paste 3 oz.


JOBSITE® Beeswax Waterproof Paste 3 oz.

$4.99 SKU: 1575360

Featured Specifications
• This original formula beeswax protects against rain, snow, sun and salt
• Composed of natural beeswax that does not decay or rot
• Protects all articles of leather, shoes, boots, jackets, belts, bags, purses, briefcases

Manufacturer Description
Penetrates leather to deep supple; lubricates and waterproofs the fibers. Allows leather to breathe. Best results to preheat, clean and dry article to be sealed (use hair dryer or sunny window). Rub liberally into leather, apply as much as the leather will absorb. The heat draws it in. Remove excess wax with a soft cloth and buff with brush for shine.

JOBSITE® Boot Puller


JOBSITE® Boot Puller

$9.99 SKU: 1575375

Featured Specifications
• An easy way to remove boots
• Tapered slot design fits all sizes and shapes
• Serrated edge for scraping bottoms of boots
• For indoor and outdoor use
• Great for all types and styles of boots.

Manufacturer Description
To Remove Boots:
Easiest while sitting. Place one foot on flat base and place other boot heel in removal slot. Pull heel out first to remove boot.

To Clean Boot Bottoms:
Turn boot puller over. Hold puller firm with one boot and scrape dirt off bottom of the other.

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