i'm Gismo


everything you need on your walk can now be held in one hand. my all-in- one ergonomic design holds any dog leash and allows you to walk your dog with ease and comfort. you can customize me by adding an of my connectables. you see, i hold everything you need to free your hands.

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i'm Gismo Flashlight

$5.00 $24.99

i'm Gismo Flashlight

$5.00 SKU: 1735475

I’m your flashlight. Connect my rechargeable light to the top of my handle for improved visibility.

Featured Specifications
Multi-function button: Use my multi-function button to turn on my light. A single push will turn my front and rear light on. A second push puts me in blinking mode. A third push will turn me off.

Never run out of power: I can be easily recharged using a standard usb cord (included). No batteries required. When the red light turns off, I am fully charged. I have over 3 hours of battery life.

Safety: My light provides increased visibility and safety when walking at night. My front and rear light allow you and your dog(s) to be seen from the front and back. My led light is 7x brighter than a standard cell phone flashlight.

Manufacturer Description
Use my rechargeable flashlight connect to help free your hands from carrying too much stuff. Connect my led light to the top of the gismo handle and I become your flashlight. My flashlight is water-resistant when connected to the gismo handle.

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i'm Gismo Training Kit


i'm Gismo Training Kit

$19.99 SKU: 1735485

i'm your dog training assistant.

Featured Specifications
Treat container: Use my treat container to hold small dog treats. My container's unique design allows for quick and easy access to treats. Use two fingers to push open my container doors. My doors will stay open or will close automatically to prevent treats from falling out.

Use my treat container in many ways:
1. Connect to the top or bottom of the Gismo handle
2. clip it to your belt or waist band
3. Place it on a flat surface

Easy to clean: My treat container can be put into the dishwasher after use. Unscrew the bottom cup for the best washing results.

Manufacturer Description
My clicker and treat container are now integrated into the Gismo handle, improving timing and your overall training experience. Now, all your training tools can be held in just one hand.

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