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Eagle Peak Containers 55 gal Red Screw Top with Spigot


Eagle Peak Containers 55 gal Red Screw Top with Spigot

$44.99 SKU: 1598665

Featured Specifications
• Great rain barrel or for water storage
• Two-piece lid
• Spigot
• Color and style may vary per location

Manufacturer Description
Great rain barrel or for water storage. They have a two piece lid. One part screws off and then the other part pushes down into the opening. (Similar to a Mason jar.) Spigot installed.

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Westpointe Dehumidifier 45 Pint


Westpointe Dehumidifier 45 Pint

$239.00 SKU: 190882

Featured Specifications
• Digital Control Panel with easy-to-read LED display and adjustable thermostat
• Continuous Drain Mode allows you to drain water without removing the tank
• Water Draining Option hose attachment for direct draining
• Programmable 24-hour Timer saves time, money, and energy
• Filter Monitor alerts you when the filter needs to be cleaned
• Bucket Indicator List lets you know when the bucket is full and shuts off automatically
• Hi/Low Fan Speed Settings for faster moisture removal

Why Buy a Dehumidifier
Dehumidifiers help keep the humidity in your home at optimal levels by extracting moisture from the air to reduce the humidity level. In the summer, the optimal humidity level is between 40-50%, and in the winter, the optimal humidity level is between 30-50%.

A Dehumidifier Can Help You Avoid
• Mold and mildew growth
• Dust mites, fleas, and cockroaches invading your home
• Wet stains and peeling wallpaper from condensation
• Musty smells

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