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Eagle Peak Containers 55 gal Red Screw Top with Spigot


Eagle Peak Containers 55 gal Red Screw Top with Spigot

$42.99 SKU: 1598665

Featured Specifications
• Great rain barrel or for water storage
• Two-piece lid
• Spigot
Color and style may vary per location

Manufacturer Description
Great rain barrel or for water storage. They have a two piece lid. One part screws off and then the other part pushes down into the opening. (Similar to a Mason jar.) Spigot installed.

TERRO® Fruit Fly Trap


TERRO® Fruit Fly Trap

$6.99 SKU: 117271

• Lures Fruit Flies
• Non-Toxic
• Fast Acting
• Prevents flies from multiplying

Fruit flies can be so annoying when you are looking for a fruit snack. Don’t worry; TERRO has the solution you’ve been searching for. This apply fruit fly trap makes a ready-to-use trap that lures the flies and stops infestation.

Manufacturer Description
• TERRO® Fruit Fly Traps lure adult fruit flies into the trap using a non-toxic, food-based liquid lure. Once the flies enter the trap, they cannot escape to continue breeding and multiplying. And better yet, gone are the days of unsightly traps - this attractive, apple-shaped trap looks right at home in any kitchen.

How Do They Work?
All stages of a fruit fly infestation depend on moist organic debris to complete the fruit fly life cycle. The non-toxic acetic acid found in the TERRO® Fruit Fly Trap lures the flies to the traps and eliminates the infestation.  Within a few days of placing the trap near a breeding source, you should see a significant decrease in the number of fruit flies... and might find yourself humming, "Shoo fly, don't bother me."

Simple as 1-2-3
You won't find an easier trap to use. Activate the TERRO® Fruit Fly Trap by pulling the leaf-like lid off the base of the trap and exposing the vapor chamber. Empty the liquid lure into the trap, keeping the lid open while trap is in use. Place the trap in an area where flies have been seen and where it won't be disturbed or tipped over. Relax. You're done.

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