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Fruit Tree

G&B Organics Citrus & Fruit Tree Fertilizer (8-4-2) 12 lb


G&B Organics Citrus & Fruit Tree Fertilizer (8-4-2) 12 lb

$17.99 SKU: 127300

Featured Specifications
• Grow better tasting, more nutritious fruit and produce more abundant crops.
• Blended special for feeding fruit trees
• Includes beneficial microbes to build life in the soil to support healthy plant growth
• Feeds for several months

Manufacturer Description
Growing good, tasty fruit is quite an accomplishment. The evolution from blossom to real live fruit is truly amazing! To make that gift worthy, you need a good foundation for your fruit tree. G&B ORGANICS CITRUS & FRUIT TREE FERTILZER can give your fruit tree the nutrients it needs to support a bountiful crop year after year. Mix it in your soil so your fruit tree’s nutrient uptake is maximized. And then, enjoy!

Proven Organic
All of our products are listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), the leading non-profit, internationally recognized third party accredited by the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP). That means every ingredient and every process that goes into making our products has been verified 100% compliant as organic, all the way to the original source. Look for the OMRI logo on the bag, ensuring every product is proven organic.

Down to Earth Citrus Mix 6-3-3 Fertilizer 6 lb


Down to Earth Citrus Mix 6-3-3 Fertilizer 6 lb

$8.99 SKU: 607863

Featured Specification
• An excellent choice for lemons, limes, citrus trees of all kinds, and avocadoes
• Supplies proper ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium
• Includes key secondary nutrients like calcium, sulfur, zinc and iron
• All natural
• OMRI listed

Manufacturer Description
Designed to nourish citrus trees in home orchards and containers. Citrus Mix is formulated with primary and secondary plant nutrients plus selected micronutrients that promote lush new growth, abundant green foliage, fragrant blossoms and bountiful fruit. It may also be used to feed other fruit trees, vines and ornamentals for equally enjoyable results.

Dr. Earth® Natural Wonder® 713 Organic 9 Fruit Tree Fertilizer, 12 lb (7-4-2)


Dr. Earth® Natural Wonder® 713 Organic 9 Fruit Tree Fertilizer, 12 lb (7-4-2)

$21.99 SKU: 88198390

Featured Specifications
• 100% Organic & Natural Hand Crafted Blend
• NO GMOs – Chicken Manure – Sewage Sludge (“Biosolids”) to taint the cleanliness of our handcrafted blend
• Ideal for all fruit trees and berries, raised beds, planting, containers, and compost tea
• (7 – 4 – 2)
• Target pH 6.5

Manufacturer Description
Natural Wonder® fertilizer produces remarkable results because nutrients are released quickly, yet continue to feed for several months. Ultra-premium scientific formula provides optimum levels of primary essential plant nutrients, including micronutrients and multi-minerals. TruBiotic® ensures organic nutrients are thoroughly broken down and then released in the soil for plant roots to absorb them as they are needed.

Infused with Advanced TruBiotic® – consisting of “Five Champion Strains” of beneficial soil microbes and eighteen select strains of ecto & endo mycorrhizae – which contributes to drought tolerance, enhanced nutrient availability and increased plant performance. The Dr.Earth® probiotics are a most complete “broad-spectrum” bio-active package designed to work synergistically with the raw organic nutrients that make up the Natural Wonder® formula. This spectacular blend builds soil health, promotes a superior harvest with larger and more abundant, nutritious and tasty fruits.

Rich in:
High Country Feather Meal, Wild-caught Alaskan Fish Bone Meal, Cold Water Kelp Meal, Valley Grown Alfalfa Meal, Naturally Mined Potassium Sulfate, MicroActive™ Micronutrient-rich Seaweed Extract (synergistically boosted with micronized humic acids for maximum bioavailability)

Ideal for:
Providing balanced and fast nutrition for all vegetables, flowers, bedding plants, potted plants, all trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials and even spot treating lawns.

Raised Beds: Excellent for use in raised beds during transplanting or feeding mid-season for a nutritional boost to maximize your harvest or flowers’ health.
Planting: Apply a generous helping as directed at time of planting or transplanting for a nutritional supply to maximize your plants’ potential.
Containers: Feed containers at time of planting then follow up every 6 weeks to keep plants healthy and strong.
Compost Tea: Makes compost tea – use as soil drench or foliar spray

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