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Farms and ranches of all sizes require a number of necessities such as farm vehicles, fencing, and stock equipment to keep operations running smoothly. Whether youre running a small organic farm or a major commercial ranch, youre going to need fencing, fertilizer, feed, wormer, livestock pharmaceuticals and much more. With robust and healthy crops and livestock as your primary goal, partner with Grange Co-op for all your Farm and Ranch needs.

Farm & Ranch Featured Products

Brackets for Post and Rail Fences


Brackets for Post and Rail Fences

$3.69 SKU: 1394915

Featured Specifications
Visually Pleasing
Labor Saving
Resists Rust
For 4-5 inch round post and rails
Screws not included
1/16 inch thick powdercoat steel

The concept is to make it simple, functional, long-lasting and economical. These post & rail brackets are machined from quality metal and are chromated and powdered coated to insure longevity. These brackets can be used for any round post project.

Just three steps and "send your helpers home. You wont need them."
Set the post
Size the rails to the proper length
Attach rails to posts using Post & Rail Brackets
NOTE: Styles, colors and brands may vary.

Safe-Guard 0.5% Pelleted Medicated Dewormer 1.1 lb.


Safe-Guard 0.5% Pelleted Medicated Dewormer 1.1 lb.

$9.99 SKU: 148915

For use in beef and dairy cattle and horses.

1-day treatment for cattle to control lungworms, stomach worms, intestinal worms, bankrupt worms and nodular worms. Zero milk withdrawal. 13 day slaughter withdrawal.

Use as a top dressing on feed at the rate of 1.1 lb. for each 1,100 lb. of body weight.

For use in all horses and ponies (including pregnant mares, stallions and foals) to control large and small strongyles, pinworms and ascarids.

Feed 1.1 lb. pkg to 1100 lb. horse in one feeding (with daily ration).

Safe-Guard® and Panacur® are both manufactured by Intervet. Panacur® is distributed by veterinarians and Safe-Guard® is sold over the counter. Feel free to compare the label of both products and if you have any questions, contact us.

Rogue Nature's Harmony Organic Chick Starter 21% 40 lb Feed


Rogue Nature's Harmony Organic Chick Starter 21% 40 lb Feed

$24.99 SKU: 40OCS

Rogue Nature's Harmony Organic Chick Starter Feed is a certified organic feed for layer chicks from hatch until they are 9 weeks of age. Mfg. as a crumble. An ideal organic chicken feed.

Features 21% protein. Ensures growth needs will be metProvides proper levels of protein for growth and development.

Complete and Balanced. Feed with ConfidenceSupplies proper amounts of vitamins minerals and other nutrients chicks need.

Crumbles form prevents feed wastageEasy for chicks to consume so less feed is lost as waste.

How to Feed...
Feed free choice from hatch through 9 weeks of age. Feed to turkeys from 9 weeks of age through 14 weeks.

Tips for Success...
Provide clean, fresh water at all times
Keep feeders clean and free of old or moldy feed.
Provide a clean-safe environment.
The use of insoluble chick grit may be beneficial.
Treat promptly for worms and parasites.
Observe daily for unusual signs or sickness.  

Produced without GMOs.

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