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Mt. Shasta Water

Mt. Shasta Water


Feature Specifications
Pure natural spring water
Established in 1988
Bottled at the source

Manufacturer Description
Mt. Shasta Spring Water Company has been providing natural spring water to northern California and southern Oregon since 1988. Their spring water is drawn from their protected springs at the base of Mt. Shasta, an area known worldwide for having some of the best tasting, purest, natural sources of spring water. Geologists tell us their spring water originates from glaciers high atop Mt. Shasta. The water flows through miles of volcanic rock to springs located on their property at the base of the mountain where it is captured and bottled for your enjoyment.

Fresh Spring Water Difference
The employees of Mt. Shasta Spring Water company take pride in their quality control program. All state and federal regulations are maintained at all times. Mt. Shasta is a licensed bottling facility, and their springs have been certified by a registered, licensed geologist. Their bottling technicians are trained thoroughly to assure their precious spring water is handled and bottled properly.

The extensive testing, performed by an outside laboratory, has consistently shown their spring water to be among the best found in the world.

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Igloo MaxCold 70qt Rolling Cooler


Igloo MaxCold 70qt Rolling Cooler

$79.99 SKU: 174953

Featured Specifications
101 can capacity
Locking telescoping handle
Durable standard wheels

Manufacturer Description
Wheeled for easy transport and can be either pushed or pulled. Comes with molded-in side handles for optional two-handed lifting and loading.

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