Breyer Horses

The Early Years

Breyer Animal Creations® began as the Breyer Molding Company, a Chicago, Illinois-based plastics manufacturing company. Its first model horse, the # 57 Western Horse, made its appearance in 1950. It was a special order for the F.W. Woolworth Company, made to adorn a mantelpiece clock. The company was then flooded with requests from people who saw it and wanted to know if they could purchase just the horse! By accepting that one order, the Breyer Molding Company had changed the focus of its business and company direction forever!


The Breyer Animal Creations brand is Reeves International’s largest line. Today, under the Reeves International umbrella, Breyer manufactures plastic, porcelain, and resin model horses, animals and accessories for play and collecting.

Breyer model horses, which begin as artist’s sculptures, are all handcrafted and hand-painted with airbrushes and paintbrushes. Approximately 20 different artisans handle each individual Breyer model from start to finish – a process, which, 62 years later, is still done by human hands, not machines. Even today, no two Breyer model horses are ever exactly alike!

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Breyer Horses Featured Products

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Breyer® For Horse-Crazy Girls Only


Breyer® For Horse-Crazy Girls Only

$14.99 SKU: 1782410

Manufacturer Description
Being horse-crazy isn't just a phase, horse-crazy is for life! This 160-page hardcover book contains everything a girl needs to know about a girl's best friend. With more than 130 illustrations and diagrams, For Horse-Crazy Girls Only is crammed full of fun facts, must-know info and pretty much everything you need to know about horses!

Recommended for age 7+

Breyer® Spirit & Lucky Gift Set


Breyer® Spirit & Lucky Gift Set

$29.99 SKU: 1734085

Featured Specifications
• Classics Series
• I:12 scale
• Approximately 8-inch L x 5.75-inch H
• Includes a brush so horse lovers can care for Spirit's lovely mane and tail

Manufacturer Description
Spirit is everyone's favorite horse from the all-new DreamWorks series Spirit Riding Free. Now Spirit fans can reenact their favorite scenes from the show at home! This beautiful toy set from the horse experts at Breyer features Spirit, a beautiful 1:12 scale 8-inch mustang with a brushable mane and tail. Lucky is fully poseable and stands 5.75-inch tall, and can ride her beloved horse Spirit bareback and bridleless - just like on the show!

Recommended for age 4+

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