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Harvest Lane Honey® Beginner Beekeeper Kit


Harvest Lane Honey® Beginner Beekeeper Kit

$189.99 SKU: 203677

Featured Specifications
• Beginner Beekeeping Starter kit
• Includes accessories
• Part number: WWA-104

Manufacturer Description
Beginner beekeeper kit, accessories include hive tool, bee brush, smoker, pellets, 1 brood box, 10 frames & foundation, 1 inner cover, 1 solid bottom board & 1 flat top.

Orcon Mason Bee Starter Kit


Orcon Mason Bee Starter Kit

$54.99 SKU: 1770240

Featured Specifications
• Each Mason Bee can do the pollinating work of 120 honey bees.
• Increased pollination means improved yields on fruits, nuts, and berries.
• Makes a great gift for gardening friends.

Manufacturer Description
This kit contains everything you need to introduce and attract beneficial mason bees to your garden. It includes: The Plan Bee! Mason Bee Nest; an informative Mason Bee book written by Christopher O’Toole, one of the world authorities on bees; and a certificate that can be redeemed for 6 live Mason Bee cocoons.

Harvest Lane Honey® Honey Apron


Harvest Lane Honey® Honey Apron

$11.99 SKU: 203675

Featured Specifications
• Extra-long with ties to fit most sizes
• Protects your clothing
• Part number: HONEYA-105

Manufacturer Description
Protect your clothing while extracting with the Harvest Lane Honey Extraction Apron. Harvest made it extra long with ties to fit most sizes.

discontinued list

Keeping Bees in Towns and Cities


Keeping Bees in Towns and Cities

$19.95 SKU: 1536245

Feature Specifications
• Number of pages: 184
• Author: Luke Dixon

Manufacturer Description
Keeping Bees in Towns and Cities features everything an urbanite needs to know to start keeping bees: how to select the perfect hive, how to buy bees, how to care for a colony, how to harvest honey, and what to do in the winter. Urban beekeeping has particular challenges and needs, and this book highlights the challenges and presents practices that are safe, legal, and neighbor-friendly.

The text is rounded out with profiles of urban beekeepers from all over the world, including public hives at the Maryland Center for Horticulture, beekeeping on an office balcony in Melbourne, Australia, and a poolside hive at a hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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